Morning Paradise Cleansing Wash 5 in1 -444ml Summer’s Eve

٤٥ ر.س

  • For Sensitive Skin 
  • Clinically Tested Safe Scents 
  • Removes Odor-Causing Bacteria 
  • pH-Balanced 
  • Free from Dyes and Parabens 
  • Gently Cleanses & Freshens 
  • This Product Is Not Tested On Animals 

No matter what your day brings, you can trust Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash, packed with 5-in-1 freshness. Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash won't dry like soap, and it's pH-balanced to match your body's natural chemistry. And not only does Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash help stop odor. It features gynecologist-tested. Safe Scents signature scents approved for everyday use.

  • ٤٥ ر.س

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